“I create powerful photographs in often difficult, demanding and dangerous situations.”

Clients ranging from Nike to Red Bull – Adventure Companies, Advertising Agencies & Magazines have entrusted me to create powerful photographs in often difficult, demanding and dangerous situations. Whether it is hanging off cliffs in Moab, Utah, at the summit of Mount Washington in winter (where the worst weather in the world takes place) or inside the climbing gym, everywhere is my studio.
With a solid grasp in advertising photography, gear, client needs and living a lifestyle of adventure sports, this creates a very unique trifecta for having me to tell your photographic story. I photograph from a storytelling perspective since I knows the athletes and the sports they participate in and often participates in them regularly. I spend much of his time on the road, but calls the Berkshires, White Mountains as well as Boston and New York City – base camp.

Photography // Cinematography

We offer full photography + cinematography services from high-end advertising campaigns – in the studio or on location using medium format still cameras + high-end video cameras all the way to remote expeditions in the Himalayas captured on DSLR’s as a one-man band – we can easily accommodate the production needed for your project.

Advertising // Commercial Production

The process from creating a concept to the final execution is much more than pushing the record button… its all the preproduction that goes into getting the best possible results. Advertising productions rely on hiring the right crew, talent, scouting the locations, gaining accessing to location through permits, making sure insurance policies are in place and taking into account the weather forecasts for the shoot days. Making sure all these variables are in place is how we get the story to come together as a beautiful final product.


This is where we excel – bringing a high-end studio level production to the backcountry which has an infinite amount of variables. We spend both our time professionally and personally in the backcountry around the globe on average 150 days per year. Having this much experience has given us the ability to tackle all the logistics of any production we are working on to get the results you want. From conceptual advertising campaigns spots to remote expeditions we are the right team for the job.

Post Production + Retouching

Our post-production studio is based in the beautiful Pioneer Valley nestled perfectly between Boston + NYC and a stone’s throw away to the White Mountains + the Adirondacks. This is where the all magic happens – importing, transcoding, timeline development, sound design, color grading, and final mastering as well as our high-end photography editing + retouching. We can edit remotely and get your feedback via Vimeo Pro Review.

Drone + Aerial

We are FAA Part 107 Certified and insured to fly drones on all of our productions.

Capturing content out of any moving vehicle, boat or aircraft is in our wheelhouse as well!

Stock Content Requests

We are constantly on the go and continue to update our stock content on Cavan and Dropbox archives.
If you are looking for us to capture any content while traveling locally or internationally send us an email!

Art Direction // Storyboarding // Preproduction

If you have an idea we can make it come to life as a final product. We can create the concept, build the storyboards, Decks (moodboard), and art direct the entire project. Let us make the project as easy and seamless as possible for you.

Brand Content + Social Media

Having social media presence is crucial today, we can capture all your stills + motion needs for your branding content – Anything from storyboarding your ideas to executing your final vision.

Image Library's + Content Library's Projects

A great way to capture a lot of imagery + motion for Advertising + Social Media. We can tailor to your needs to create content from a full production and long term project to a light minimal crew project for a few hours.

Studio + Edit Suite

Our studio is nestled perfectly between Boston, Massachusetts + New York City, New York. This is where photography + motion magic happens!

We are located on the ground floor of the Eastworks building with 750 square feet of shooting space, luckily Eastworks has rental spaces where we can expand our operations to 3,000 to 12,000 square feet accomodating any project size, also the have a full bar and kitchen as well.

Within an hour we have access to a lot of great locations, downtown Easthampton has its own waterfront with mill buildings, giving it a Norman Rockwell feel.  Other nearby activities are road + mountain biking, camping, backpacking, rock + ice climbing, trail running, kayaking, boating, skiing, tubing, ice skating, paragliding, hunting, fishing, green parks, state parks, orchards, vineyards, distilleries, farm stores, fields, forests, urban cityscapes, college campuses, food truck festivals, the list goes on for any type of project.

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