Berkshire Bowhunting for
American Black Bear

in the Appalachian Mountains of Western Massachusetts

Early in the summer, my long time climbing partner asked if I would tag along for a bear hunt in the Berkshires and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to document his hunt!  We spent 2 weekends in early September to find and track a bear in a few remote areas of the Berkshires.  It felt great to slow down to take in all the sites and sounds that I normally miss when I’m going from point A to point B on the trail.

UPDATE: Looking back after those two unsuccessful weekends of any bear sightings, I learned how much I enjoyed slowing down in the woods. Recently during the Covid-19 Pandemic, I picked up an entry-level bow and am scouting the local areas to tag a deer this fall.

If you told me a year ago I would learn to shift from ice climbing to bowhunting, I wouldn’t have believed you. I love spending time in the outdoors and it is great to slow down and see so much more than trying for a new personal best on the local trails. More stories to come…