As a Boston-based Adventure Photographer / Director / Content Creator, I get a lot of hands-on time with plenty of different gear. When it comes to what stays in the gear closet I’m very particular.

Cassin Eghen 35 Backpack Review

Honestly, I’ve had too many backpacks in the past to list, everything from technical climbing packs to camera-specific packs. The best way to go is to get a sport-specific backpack that works with you. All the camera bags I’ve used in the past are not tailored too much outside of moving a lot of camera gear.

There’s nothing worse than a pack that doesn’t have room for any gear besides camera gear or it takes a ton of work to attach ice tools. When you are faced with the worst weather in the world locally, you can’t be fumbling around with gear, you need to keep moving and capturing content!

Cassin Eghen 35 Rock Climbing + Ice Climbing Backpack

The Cassin Eghen 35 hits all the bullet points of what makes an amazing rock climbing / ice climbing / alpine backpack. This backpack can legit haul all you need for a long day in the mountains with a camera rig, climbing gear, and more or lighten up and use it for a lightweight fast pack alpine overnight in the North Cascades.

A minimalist design with everything you need and nothing you don’t. With plenty of gear attachments, space, and it also fits like a glove on your back, since it really has no frame it’s ideal when leading rock or ice. The Eghen is 35L when compressed down, but can easily expand to 45L using a double collared closure to hold as much gear as you can throw at it.

Cassin Eghen 35 Rock Climbing + Ice Climbing Backpack

The ice tool carriers are super easy to use, and the tools stay put even after miles on the approach to a climb. The latching system for keeping the rope in place has a bomber connection and doesn’t slip. If you are doing multi-pitch climbing or are like me trying to haul up gear while doing rope work for capturing photos and video it has haul loops that won’t go anywhere.

Cassin Eghen 35 Rock Climbing + Ice Climbing Backpack

A few years back I had a backpack right at the beginning of an ice climbing photo + video shoot and the zipper blew out. I had to reconfigure my entire setup before a multi-day project, what a nightmare. In the end, I figured out how to approach the climb with climbing and camera gear with a broken backpack and ascended a static line, a real fun time! After that experience, I stay away from zippers that could potentially cause more issues.

Cassin Eghen 35 Rock Climbing + Ice Climbing Backpack

Conclusion: After many climbing backpacks that have come and gone this one is here to stay. I won’t be upgrading until it falls apart and I don’t suspect it be going anywhere anytime soon. I’ve already had it for 2.5 years and it’s still going strong! If you don’t have a climbing pack or are looking for a new one this might just fit the bill for you! Happy Adventures out there!

(FYI I’m not affiliated with any companies, just a happy camper and wanted to share my experience)