When October rolls around Matty Bowman and I start talking about climbing some early season ice and the best place to do that is in Tuckerman Ravine on the classic Open Book climb. This climb yields the coldest temperatures and makes for the best early ice, the approach also proves good conditioning for the upcoming winter climbing season. As soon as we get a good amount of snow the climb is filled in and the skiers jump off of it, which makes it a very rare climb.

Last year Matty and I headed up to Tuckerman Ravine for some early season ice climbing to capture photographs for a friend of his Rich Page, an extremely talented backpack designer with an impressive resume.

After a lifetime of designing packs he decided to strike it out on his own, with his company Savage Mountain Gear based in New Hampshire. To start it off he needed images for an advertisement to boost exposure, before the ice climbing season was in full swing, and we definitely delivered some great content!