Being in Massachusetts I feel extremely lucky to see the curve flatten for an extended period during the Covid-19 pandemic ?? and hopefully it continues on this trajectory in the region.

We are open for business and are ready to work on any projects you have in-studio or on location – also we have a remote setup for you to make sure you feel like you’re on set even if you can’t make it! Being an adventure photographer + director I’m ready to travel locally (within the guidelines) with a small crew for assignment or even spec work. Even though the stopped production on a lot of work during the spring, I have continued to explore + scout a lot more of my region in Massachusetts with the extra downtime.

Before I shifted genres to adventure and lifestyle a lot of my work was primarily product and studio-based. At the beginning of quarantine, I started going back to my roots and capturing new content to show my capabilities as a product photographer and now adding motion content into the mix as well. Being able to work with limited gear in the backcountry has helped me develop stronger studio skills as well -making us work more efficiently and getting better results.

A recent writeup from Found Artists trying to educate what creatives are doing during the pandemic.

“Boston-based adventure and lifestyle photographer Matt Baldelli continues to create from his 750 sq. ft studio space, and is also renting out spaces by the day from 2,500sq. ft up to 11,000 sq ft to accommodate additional projects.

Between all the Mill Buildings surrounding the studio, Matt has access to locations that provide an urban feel, and Mount Tom state park is only 5 minutes away, offering beautiful views of the valley below that can also be used for shoots.

With plenty of local talent to choose from and his fiancée acting as his producer and assistant, Matt can provide many solutions for outdoor brands looking to adventure in place.”

We hope all of you are staying safe and healthy!