Studio + On Location Camera Kit

This camera case setup is what I use for any studio or on location projects. If I’m going to capture a portrait at a local rock gym or I’m renting out a studio on a large production in Los Angeles, this is how I would travel. If I plan to go to the backcountry I would pack only the necessary gear – you can expect a backcountry backpack post soon.

Meet the Pelican Air 1535 with Trekpack inserts.  The name is deceiving as it is extremely light, but can it hold a lot of weight!  Prior to this setup with Pelican Air, it was a Pelican 1510 with padded inserts.  They look almost identical as to how they are setup.

All Pelican cases are the standard in the industry and can handle many years of solid professional abuse.  My oldest Pelican 1610 case has flown more than most people and doesn’t show its 15 year old age.  I’ve worked with every case possible over the years, and all the soft-side cases just can’t hold up and protect gear in the same way.

The good stuff!  As you can see, all my gear is easily accessible via two latches.  No zippers to open, no flaps to get in the way.  Once I’m on location I usually build my camera(s). Depending on the job the dirt + water permit, I then take all the lens caps off and put the lens hoods on to get the lenses ready for shooting and I leave the case unlatched on my cart.  If we do a company move, they get condensed back into the case.

Matt Baldelli’s Location + Studio Camera Case. Pelican 1535 with Nikon DSLR Camera’s + Lenses.

Having the lenses prepped to shoot saves valuable time when switching back and forth between different focal lengths.  For my shooting style I stick to prime lenses and this helps expedite getting that moment.  Occasionally I will use zoom lenses, I love them and they have their place, but the optics of primes are so much superior.

This has the Nikon D850, Nikon D810 (both with vertical grips) Sigma Art 24, Sigma Art 35, Nikon 50, Nikon 85 + Nikon 24-70.  The space where the 24-70 the large compartment I can swap in the 14-24, or the 70-200 depending on the project.  If I need to bring additional lenses I will bring another case whether it is a F-Stop ICU or another Pelican Case.

Under the 50mm is my Hoodman LCD Loupe and I have all my cleaning supplies in the orange and grey case.  The Nikon pouch contains all my charged batteries to keep the separate from the used batteries.  The gap on the right side of the cameras contains my two card wallets and a xrite color passport for getting white balances perfect in postproduction.

On the top of the case I used the Pelican 1510 Lid Organizer they do not make one for the 1535 yet so I had to do some modifying to this organizer to fit.  It is hard to live without this.

The upper left pocket contains my silica gel, lens filter adapter, and my charged batteries in the pouch.  The next pocket to the right contains filters – polarizer + neutral density as well as a notepad and pen.  The long pocket on the right contains another camera strap, and camera rain coat.  The center pocket on the bottom has some lens cleaning products and the last pocket has 2 Nikon chargers.

A few other items that weren’t mentioned are extra AA + AAA batteries, a headlamp, and extra gear wallet, giottos air rocket, leatherman and wrenches for tripods and grip gear.

This is my go to studio and on location photography kit.  What do you do for you camera kit? If you have any questions reach out to us!

If you have valuable gear you need Pelican cases.