Gear Closet | Profoto B1′s & Pelican iM2720 Storm

March 25, 2018

Keeping all photography gear safe, dry, and out of harm’s way is a top priority when traveling, originally I housed my 4 Profoto B1 heads in 2 Pelican 1510 rolling cases with dividers and the gear organizer.  After a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, one of the flash tubes ended up broken and the plastic cover was destroyed in transit, which totaled $193.00 from B&H Photo

I always wanted to store these 4 heads in one case, but no matter how much I tried to find a hard case to hold all of them it totaled over 50lbs and would be considered overweight when flying.  Plus not to mention it gets heavier to pick up and usually involves two people to lift.

After sifting through blogs, forums, and youtube I came across the Pelican iM2720 Storm Traveler case and it was the perfect fit.  Each kit would divide the weight in two, totaling 37.4lbs with batteries per case.  Notice – TSA doesn’t allow you to check any Lithium-Ion batteries, they all must be carried on.  When I received these cases I was super stoked to see they are locally made – about 15 minutes from my house.

In the past, I have owned a few Pelican cases that had the pick N pluck foam and it never held up more than a year before it started to fall apart from the original shape and this was a big deterrent for me.  Many photographers I know in the past used a good ole roll of Gaffers Tape to keep it together, and as I want to keep everything looking professional so I found a much better solution to keeping it together.

A few youtube videos later from some gun enthusiasts who use pelican cases on the regular, they use a product called Plastic Dip.  A few coats of this product will help the foam bond better, and also add a nicer darker color looking much more customized than the original foam.  This will be my first experiment with it this product and will keep you update as it handles some wear an tear.  Another pro tip I ended up using super-strong double-sided tape to hold together the foam in the case together and in between the layers of foam, I added carpet tape.

It took about $20 of Plasti Dip for the two cases and it ended up being 3 coats.  The first two coats I made to the foam individually only coating the areas that would be high wear and tear and the last coat I stacked all 3 layers and applied and even coat along everything.

As time goes on I will keep you updated to how the pick n pluck foam holds up with the Plastidip.  Anything is better than nothing, if this doesn’t work I would try doing another coat with Flexseal

Would love to hear how you have your gear stored and if you use the pick n pluck foam or opted for the custom cut Pelican liners like my case builders.


* It would be great to hear any feedback you have please comment or message me directly.  I will also plan on updating this as time goes on and will post additional notes.

** I am no way affiliated with any of these companies, I am just an extremely happy customer!


Great Read! Curious how this case is doing now? Im planning to make it aswell

Thanks for reading my article, Noah! These cases are doing great, I primarily use it for Airplane Travel to keep the lights safe from the luggage handlers and I use the Pelican 1510 for local auto transportation.