Meet the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD 2 Terabyte! I have been looking to get one of these guys when I work remotely on photos in Capture One and video content in Final Cut Pro to extend my Macbook Pro’s internal drive. After some years the pricing and the sizing of them have shrunk to make them an affordable option for the masses.

This little guy packs one hell of a punch! For being smaller than a deck of cards (3.79″ x 1.95″ x 0.35″) it can cover just about any files you can throw at it in the backcountry or location project for smaller productions. Some great features are the drives are shockproof which means they can be dropped onto a concrete floor from 2 meters up, and also they are water-resistant. All of these are a must for an adventure and outdoor location creative!

Why solid-state drive (SSD) over a good ole-fashioned spinning hard-drive? Reading and writing speeds on the SSD make it possible to edit photos and videos seamlessly with almost zero lag. It reads (550MB/s) and writes (500MB/s) it’s not AS fast spec wise as the internal drive of my Apple, but it sure doesn’t slow me down when culling or using a memory hog like FCPX. I’m not a techie who is going to compare numbers and I work on real-world experiences and have been using this for almost 6 months now, with zero issues.

The way I find this drive the most useful is using it as a backup from my hard drive or overflow when I can’t fit everything on the internal drive. It really shines when I’m traveling a lot and want to grab dinner or make a quick stop at the crag on the way home. All I have to do is put this little guy in my pocket and not worry about something happening to the content from the job on my computer or cards if they are stolen or damaged.

When a client calls and asks for revisions or edits and I’m on location it’s easy to just plug it in, make the edits super quick and move onto the next project. It doesn’t miss a beat!

If you are a creative or professional who is looking for – extra space because your internal drive is constantly full, looking to back up your computer with time machine, or just want something faster than what you have this is a great portable drive! A quick note I still implement using Mirrored Lacie Rugged Drives for my main location backups, but I keep them as backups since they aren’t nearly as fast, small, or as rugged as the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD!

We are not endorsed, sponsored, or and any way affiliated with SanDisk, just a super happy customer!