Adventures | Ice Climbing Mount Tom – Western Massachusetts

June 6, 2019

Tucked away in a small valley in Western Massachusetts Mount Tom (not to be confused with Mt Tom in NH) has a few alpine ice climbs – most of which are single pitch. These climbs don’t form on a consistent basis due to direct sunlight melting them throughout the short sunny winter days.

My climbing partner Ben gladly agreed to take me up there to check out these climbs when the ice formed and was stable enough to climb. After climbing them I believe they are the best ice climbs in Massachusetts hands down.

We made about 3 trips up to the mountain throughout the winter, getting lost on the approach by headlamps, spotlights shined on us before we even got a single ice screw in for protection and 2 of these attempts were successful. I’ve been eyeing these climbs for almost 3 years now and it felt great to swing the ice axes locally!